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Muc-Off B.A.M Aerosel Can Holster - Utility Belt

Muc-Off B.A.M Aerosel Can Holster - Utility Belt

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Muc-Off B.A.M Holster.

Carry Holster For Muc-Off B.A.M! Aerosol Can Quickly and easily secure a can of MUC-OFF B.A.M! INFLATE & REPAIR to your bike using this purpose-built UTILITY BELT. With a B.A.M! Aerosol by your side you can reduce delays caused by unexpected flat tyres.

Super Grippy Rubber Mount The B.A.M (Bottled Air Magic) holster comprises a long, high-strength strap working with a super-grippy, rubber mount to keep your B.A.M can in place on your seatpost or frame so it's right there when you need it the most. The rubber mount fits most seatposts and frames and the strap has enough length in it to allow for universal attachment to any bike frame or seatpost.

Easy To Install Simply undo the strap and place the non-smooth rubber side against the seatpost or frame. Then loop the strap around the seatpost or frame and then through the other side of the rubber mount and place the can in between the rubber and the strap before bringing the strap back around. Feed it through the plastic clip then back onto itself and pull tightly to secure the strap in place.

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