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Tree Frog

Tree Frog Elite 1 Vacuum Mount Bike Roof Rack

Tree Frog Elite 1 Vacuum Mount Bike Roof Rack

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Tree Frog’s Elite 1 uses three vacuum cups to support the deck of the rack, with an additional cup to support the rear wheel.

The Elite 1 is equipped with one fork mount which is compatible with quick-release and 12x100mm thru-axle forks.

Tree Frog’s Elite 1 includes:

·1x Elite deck featuring three vacuum cups and cup covers.

·1x rear wheel vacuum cup with strap.

·1x universal fork mount (9mm quick release or 12x100mm forks)

·1x quick-release axle.

·1x Velcro crank arm strap.

·1x TreeFrog installation pack.

·1x spray bottle.

·1x manual and screw set.


Note: The Elite 1 is not suitable for mountain bikes or e-bikes.

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