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Tree Frog

Tree Frog Elite 2 Vacuum Mount Bike Roof Rack

Tree Frog Elite 2 Vacuum Mount Bike Roof Rack

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Tree Frog’s Elite 2 bike rack uses four vacuum cups to form the base of the single-layer deck.

The Elite 2 is equipped with two fork mounts and can carry two bikes, with a total maximum weight of 22kg.

The rack’s universal fork mount is designed to hold two road bikes with either a standard 9mm quick release or 12x100mm forks.

Tree Frog’s Elite 2 includes:

·1x Elite deck featuring four vacuum cups and cup covers.

·2x rear wheel vacuum cup with strap.

·2x universal fork mount (9mm quick release or 12x100mm forks)

·2x Velcro crank arm strap.

·1x Tree Frog installation pack.

·1x spray bottle.

·1x manual and screw set.

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