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Tree Frog

Tree Frog Pro 1 PLUS Vacuum Mount Bike Roof Rack

Tree Frog Pro 1 PLUS Vacuum Mount Bike Roof Rack

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The Tree Frog Pro 1 PLUS bike rack uses vacuum cups in a triangular formation for optimal strength. The double-layer roof rack can hold one bike, weighing up to 20kg.

The Pro 1 deck features three Tree Frog cups, which combines with a rear wheel holder to stabilise your bike to the car’s roof. The universal fork mount and ladder strap attaches the bike to the Pro 1, ensuring extra security.

Pro 1 PLUS includes Tree Frog’s Universal fork mount, allowing you to choose the plug kits required to suit your bike.

Tree Frog’s Pro 1 includes:

·1x Pro 1 deck featuring three vacuum cups and cup covers.

·1x rear wheel vacuum cup with ladder strap.

·1x universal fork mount (plug adaptors not included)

·1x Velcro crank arm strap.

·1x Tree Frog installation pack 

·1x spray bottle.

·1x manual and screw set.

Note: The Tree Frog Pro 1 is not compatible with most e-bikes.

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