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Tree Frog

Tree Frog Vacuum Mounted Crossbar Roof Racks Pair - Black Anodise Alloy

Tree Frog Vacuum Mounted Crossbar Roof Racks Pair - Black Anodise Alloy

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The TreeFrog Crossbar black roof rack is the perfect solution for someone who wants to have an eco-friendly, fuel-saving rack with super fast installation, which could support all the main industry size 20mm T-track carriers. Most traditional racks are bolted to the roof and are carried around all year long, making the vehicle less efficient and costing more money for fuel. With all the TreeFrog roof racks, the super fast installation allows you to install them only when you need to carry your bikes, skis, snowboards, kayaks, and boards only when you need them; when you don’t, just pop the rack off the roof for improved fuel economy.

– TreeFrog 20mm industry size T-track fits all the 20x20mm T-track Adapter to connect main brands carriers
– The elegant bladed bar shape reduces aerodynamic drag for improved fuel economy and reduced air noise
– The bars come with arms with TreeFrog vacuum mounts designed to follow the curve of the roof; these allow installation and removal of the racks and all accessories in minutes
– Maximum loading capacity is 40kg

Tree Frog’s Crossbar Roof Rack includes:

·1x rack with four vacuum cups and cup covers.

·1x rack with two vacuum cups and cup covers.

·1x Tree Frog installation pack.

·1x spray bottle.

·1x manual.

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